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 All of the notes below are accurate and still apply. However - David told the club meeting this week about his plans to retire from calling at the end of this year. 


Sadly, The Club looks as though it will close at the December Party Night. 

Efforts have been made to find a way to keep Rambling Eights going, but to no avail.  The Christmas Party Break up Dance will be the last event conducted.

What we have said in the past. .... 

 Rambling Eights is a caller-run square dance club, run by caller David Pearce and his wife Faith. We have a faithful and energetic committee who are always ready to help promote and participate in the club's activities.


David has been calling Square Dancing for over 40 years and in that time has established clubs in Armidale and Glen Innes in  NSW.  When he moved to Brisbane in 1985 he established Rambling Eights on Brisbane's southside. The club celebrates its 32st  birthday in February this year.


The club has always had a reputation as a good training ground for dancers and David is keen to continue that.  He enjoys teaching and the dancers have a lot of fun learning the different steps.


Before he retired David was involved in corporate training. He enjoys teaching and calling. He explains, demonstrate and reinforces the moves he teaches.  He has a lot of fun doing it and we have a lot of fun learning.


A typical evening consists of a number of brackets with rest periods in between.  In the early part of the evening there will be some teaching of various square dance moves, followed by a singing call that uses the moves just taught.  Brackets will be mixed up between easier level, mainstream and plus levels depending on the dancers present.


Later on, the brackets generally consist of a hoedown - which is a series of called moves with a rhythmic backing track - followed by a singing call - which is a recognizable song with square dance calls intermixed with the song lyrics.


Square Dancing is sometimes broken up with brackets of round dancing or line dancing, and we enjoy a cuppa and some supper at the end of the dancing.


A few times a year the club holds special dances - Club birthday, Christmas in July, Christmas proper and so on, where members of other clubs are especially invited to attend.  We plan outings from time to time, some have included attending shows or concerts and Barefoot Bowls.


Of course the club is part of and supports the Queensland and Australian Square Dance societies, and members often attend other Clubs' dances and Society events.

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