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May 4, 2017

May News

Here are our plans and news for May

Hello Dancers 

From the reports of our dancers and others who travelled to Bendigo, the National Convention was an excellent event. The weather was kind to the organisers and the dancers. And all have had uneventful trips. The Queensland State Convention to be held on the Gold Coast, is coming up in July,. Details for sessions and registrations are on the notice board.

Donations to the Children’s Hospital Foundation via the charity squares were given a boost this month by contributions to the Foundation from the book stall which Leanne arranged. We raised $77.00 that night. Thank you to all who contributed books and those who took home some treasures. We plan to hold another one in a few weeks time, so save your books and recycle them soon.

It is good to see Dianne back with us on Friday nights. She is recovering well and we appreciate her help on the door each week. If you would like to help on this roster please put your name down on the sheet. There are vacancies for you to choose a week that suits you. The same applies to dancers who can help on the supper roster. If you plan to be away, please try to find substitutes for the nights you will be absent.

It often helps to list the moves that we learn each week, especially if I have requests to recap them.  The last few weeks we have concentrated on some moves that have been around for a long time but don’t always get much exposure. Heads Pass Through and Separate Around 1 or 2. is one. Split Two Go Around 1 or 2 is another. We introduced Dixie Style to an Ocean Wave and will do more with this one in coming weeks. The Turn Through is a basic move which doesn’t get a lot of use. Just remember to walk away from the dancer you have turned with to end up almost back-to- back with them. For the Plus brackets, we have been using: Tea Cup Chain, All Eight Spin the Top, Load the Boat. Dixie Grand, Follow Your Neighbour and Spread, Chase Right. Linear Cycle, Explode the Wave, Acey Deucey, Coordinate and Relay the Deucey. Recently, we have done more work on Relay the Deucey plus introducing Grand Swing Through. For the May dances these should give us plenty of variety to practice with. If you want to review these moves before the dance, you can check the videos on the internet listed on the back page.

Most of you will recall that we have a couple of “Planning Meetings” each year. These provide the dancers with the opportunity to suggest and coordinate activities for the upcoming months. I would like to hold the next meeting on Sunday 23rd July.  That is the Sunday following Rambling Eights' “Christmas in July” party. Please keep this date free so you can have your input into the activities which Rambling Eights will plan for the future.

We had positive feedback at the last meeting we held at Faith and David’s home in January, especially about the casual and relaxed environment which made socialising and discussion easy. For this meeting, we would like to suggest we have a BBQ as we have done before. The club will provide the meats and we ask dancers to contribute other plates such as salads, desserts and nibbles etc. We will start a sheet for your contribution choices well before the due date. The meal will start around 6.00pm followed by the meeting.

As well as our “Christmas in July” on 21st July, Christine has offered to coordinate a “Silly Socks and Hot Potato” night on 17th June. The silly socks are an optional dress-up for the night and the hot potatoes will be supper. Christine will arrange a list for members to offer to bring their favourite topping/fillings to go with the spuds. Thank you Christine for doing this.

Special Events coming soon: - Hot Potato & Silly Socks Night - June 17th (Christine is co-ordinating this). Rambling Eights' Christmas in July - Friday July 21st.  Planning Meeting - July 23rd. Soup Night - 11 August, Kim to co-ordinate  and Pizza Night - 27 October (still open for co-ordinator offers). 

Qld. Society & Callers Association Dances: The 36th Qld State Convention (Friday 28th to Sunday 30th July) will be held on the Gold Coast.  Sunshine State Round-Up at Burpengary - September 23rd.

When you are dancing, think about your styling, especially hand holds and arm turns. We have several dancers who suffer from weak or sore shoulders, arms and wrists. I am sure that we wouldn’t want to deliberately hurt our club friends or cause them discomfort or stress.

Happy Dancing  David & Faith

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