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Jun 14, 2017

June News

What has been happening and What Next

Hello Dancers

Thank you to all the dancers who supported Rambling Eights while Glenn filled in for me. By all accounts, the dances were good and Glenn told us that he had a ball.  Thanks to all those who helped looking after the door, setting up the supper and cleaning up, and setting up the stage and chairs and putting them away.


The Queensland State Convention at the Gold Coast, is coming up in July. Details for sessions and registrations are on the notice board...Daryl and Dianne have been holidaying at Bribie for several weeks but still attended on Fridays. Thank you for your special effort.


For our Hot Potato supper, June 17th. We have a list for dancers to offer to bring fillings and side dishes for the spuds. Please bring your own plates and cutlery.


Last week we looked at several ways to do a “Centres In” & “Cast Off”. I have some more examples to try next. I have been asked to revisit “Dixie Style to a Wave”, and I will do that. More “Spin Chain Throughs” and some “Left Swing Throughs” are also on the agenda. If you have any specific moves you would like to revisit, let me know. For the Plus brackets, we can look at “Spin Chain the Gears” and “Track 2”.


A reminder that we have a couple of “Planning Meetings” each year. These provide the dancers with the opportunity to socialise and offer suggestions for activities for the upcoming months. Think about our end-of-year breakup outing. It is not too early to consider our options as bookings for that time of the year are often limited in choice.

 Our next meeting will be on Sunday 23rd July at David & Faith’s home. That is the Sunday following Rambling Eights' “Christmas in July” party. Please keep this date free so you can have your input into the activities which Rambling Eights will plan for the future.

 We had positive feedback at the last meeting we held at Faith and David’s home in January, especially about the casual and relaxed environment which made socialising and discussion easy. For this meeting, we would like to suggest we have a BBQ at our home as we have done before. The club will provide the meats and we ask dancers to contribute other plates such as salads, desserts and nibbles etc. We will start a sheet for your contribution choices well before the due date. The meal will start around 6.00pm followed by the meeting.


 It’s good to see Rob back with us although he is not up to dancing for a while. Rob had a shoulder reconstruction and is itching to get into a square again. Denise who had further surgery on her eyes with more still to come.

Special Events coming soon: - Hot Potato & Silly Socks Night - June 17th (Christine is co-ordinating this).  Rambling Eights' Christmas in July - Friday July 21st.   Planning Meeting – Sunday July 23rd                  Soup Night - 11 August, Kim to co-ordinate.  Pizza Night - October – 20th . (We are still open for co-ordinator offers for our Pizza Night).

Qld. Society & Callers Association Dances:The 36th Qld State Convention (Friday 28th to Sunday 30th July) will be held on the Gold Coast. Details are in the last Bugle and on our notice board.

Sunshine State Round-Up at Burpengary - September 23rd. Details in the Bugle.

 Happy Dancing  -  David & Faith

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