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Aug 8, 2017

August News

Rambling Eights Changes

Hello Dancers 

Rambling Eights “Christmas in July” was a very enjoyable evening with six sets dancing for several brackets. We were pleased to have Glenn Wilson visit and call for us. Thank you, Glenn. Dawn also called and Noel McKenzie, who has not been well recently, gave us a couple of calls. Thank you both. It was good to see Noel and Merle. 

The work in coordinating the raffle and lucky door prizes by Christine and Kevin helped to make our party more fun and exciting for the many winners. $190 was raised from the raffle which goes to the club funds. Thank you, Christine and Kevin. Thanks also to all dancers who helped set up beforehand and clean up afterwards. 

Dancers attended the Planning Meeting on Sunday 23rd July.  We had a good meal, thanks to the contributions that complemented the BBQ meats.  Thank you to the cooks, Kevin & Daryl, who did a wonderful job of producing “just right” steaks, chicken breasts and sausages. 

After we had eaten, David presented a report which outlined the club’s progress so far this year.  Our club nights have been running well and David expects them to continue in this fashion for the rest of the year.  Then David said he wished to make a Statement.

“I have been square dancing for 47 years and calling for 46 years. For much of that time I have been the caller and the leader for caller-run clubs. It has been a pleasure to teach and entertain dancers from Brisbane and New South Wales and to be able to call many of them friends. However as some of you know I have had health issues over the last couple of years and regrettably I have decided to step back from some of my commitments. Consequently, I shall retire from calling at the end of this year.” 

As a consequence of this step, David suggested that we need to consider what direction Rambling Eights will take from next year. One option would be to hand the club over to another caller. Another would be to form a committee to decide if and how the club should progress.

There was regret at David’s decision. There was however understanding and acceptance from all the club’s dancers, and appreciation was expressed.  David agreed that he would notify other callers, associations and local clubs know of his decision to retire and to seek any possible interest in solutions to move forward into next year. So far he has received one contact. We can discuss the details at club nights. On Sunday, it was decided that all offers and consideration would be brought to the club dance on the first Friday in November. Dancers then would have an opportunity to decide their preferred outcome. We may well have positive discussions before that time.

The “End of Year” outing/function is open for input from the dancers over the next few weeks. One option was to have an informal gathering at a park or reserve, where we can just enjoy each other’s company, socialise and bring some food.  

Happy Dancing   David & Faith

Updated Sat 9 Dec 2017 7:49pm